UPDATE: Rollins has indeed been traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers, according to Jim Salisbury of CSN Philly.

The particulars are not yet known and the story is developing.


It was thought that Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins wanted to remain in red pinstripes his entire career. That's still probable, but that doesnt mean he wouldn't welcome a trade to the Dodgers.

The Phillies are obviously trying to rebuild, while the Dodgers are a few players away from a World Series appearance.

According to CBS Sports, Rollins would approve a trade to the Dodgers. Rollins has 10/5 rights with the Phillies and is said to have a 'short list' of teams he would approve a trade to. The Dodgers are on that list as are the Yankees, according to previous reports. The Mets and A's are not thought to be on his trade list.

The Dodgers are in the market for a starting level shortstop after letting Hanley Ramirez sign with the Red Sox. The Phillies should be quite familiar with the Dodgers farm system with any dialogue the two clubs have had regarding a potential Cole Hamels trade.