Phillies General Manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. loves to make the big splash.

According to Nick Cafardo, Amaro has tried "at least 10 times to pry Giancarlo Stanton loose" from the Miami Marlins.

Thus far the Phillies general manager has failed in doing so.

The Marlins have shown no interest in moving Stanton to a division rival and have shown little interest in moving Stanton at all.

Stanton will hit his first arbitration year this off season and according to the report, he will receive around $ 7 million.

Along with the Phillies, Cafardo mentions the Tigers, Red Sox, Yankees, Angels and the Rangers as teams that could be in pursuit of Stanton if he was available.

The Rangers have checked in on Stanton "every week," but have been rejected each time, the Rangers have one of the strongest farm systems in baseball.

Although the Marlins have a fresh face in charge of baseball decisions in Dan Jennings so he could look to move Stanton in the near future because it's unlikely that the two sides will agree on a long term contract.

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