There's been much discussion the past few weeks regarding the play of Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles.

Some will tell you that the running game needs to get going, while others will tell you that the young quarterback is simply leaving plays out on the field.

Yet, the Eagles are 4-1 and at the top of their divsion with injuries to the offensive line and little to no confidence in a running game that features one of the best in the game.

So when the question was asked to Sal Palantonio of ESPN today on The Sportsbash, he had a great response.

"Stop blaming Nick Foles," Sal Pal repeated multiple times.

Sal Pal has a point, though.

The offensive line has been riddled with injuries.

LeSean McCoy is not displaying the same type of confidence as last season that saw him garner over 2,000 yards of total offense.

Chip Kelly and Billy Davis do seem to be struggling a little when it comes to calling plays for the defense and keeping their legs fresh al throughout the game.

However, Nick Foles is missing on some throws that need to be completed. It's something that all quarterbacks go through from time to time and this mechanics issue can be tweaked during the season.

Foles is missing his # 1 wide receiver from a year ago in DeSean Jackson and his quarterbacks coach from last season, Bill Lazor, is now in Miami calling plays for that offense. Although, Ryan Tannehill has regressed under Lazor, we don't know his relationship with Foles.

Sal Pal joined Mike Gill and Matt Segal to discuss this issue, including a big SNF showdown against the Giants. Sal Pal will tell you what needs to happen in order for the Eagles to come out victorious.