The Philadelphia Eagles 2014 campaign will wrap up on Sunday afternoon with a meaningless game against the Giants. This is after starting off December with 9 wins, the Eagles are in danger of closing out the season with four consecutive losses.

So with this Week 17 game now insignificant, ESPN reporter Sal Paolantonio joined Matt Segal and Scott Grayson on our post Christmas Sportsbash.

Sal Pal really started to break down what this front office needs to do in the offseason to get back to NFC East champions.

"It's clear this team took a step back. Is Nick Foles reliable, can he stay on the field," Sal Pal asked.

Foles has now missed some time the last two seasons and it's clear that he is susceptible to hits as he really is not a read-option type of QB.

Sal Pal also expects both LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin to return in 2015, with the Eagles preference being a contract as opposed to a hefty, expensive franchise tag.

Despite the issues on defense with a below average secondary, Sal Pal expects defensive coordinator Billy Davis to return for another season, Bradley Fletcher may be his scapegoat, however.

Sal Pal also goes over his picks for Week 17 and what four teams he expects on Championship weekend next month.

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