Anytime college jobs have opened up over the last two years, with Chip Kelly in the NFL, his name has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the job.

With the Eagles struggling, a half-empty stadium and two embarrassing home losses, the Chip Kelly must go talk is hitting an all-time high.

Appearing on Sirius XM NFL Radio, ESPN's Adam Schefter said:

"Momentum and signs seem to be piling up against a Chip Kelly return to Philadelphia, I think both sides are sick of each other.


I think the fans are tired of him, I think he's tired of the situation there, just my read from a far. That stadium began emptying early in the fourth quarter, it was an ugly scene.


They are still in the thick of that division race, let's not forget that and if they can go into Detroit on Thanksgiving day and win, we'll have a different conversation next week.


I just think if Chip Kelly, given a choice might be comfortable elsewhere.  I certainly would include him in my question mark of coaches that we'll be tracking in January."

Kelly is 24-18 in his 42 game NFL tenue, including 0-1 in the playoffs, not awful, but from Thanksgiving 2014 to Thanksgiving 2015 he is just 5-9.  Kelly was given the keys to the Eagles castle and traded away big name players and so far those changes haven't worked out.

With so many high-profile college jobs open this off season (Miami, USC and possibility more), people are starting to wonder if Kelly has his eyes on a different prize.

(Listen to Sal Paolantonio discuss the future of Chip Kelly in Philly)