Mike Sielski of the Philadelphia Inquirer joined The Sports Bash Monday Afternoon and spoke at length about the work Howie Roseman has done as the man in charge of the Eagles Front Office.



Sielski went on to elaborate about Roseman's strengths and challenges moving forward:


"Roseman understands the NFL market for player value much better than Chip Kelly" Sielski said on The Sports Bash.  He went on to say "What has happened this offseason are things Howie is really good at....The challenge becomes can you make good picks, solid picks in the Draft? Can you run an organization in a facet that you can keep quality people in the front office so you dont lose good people?"


Checkout the full interview to find out about Roseman's relationship with Miami Dolphins Executive Mike Tannenbaum and why its hard to pinpoint who exactly is responsible for past Eagles draft failures