For those of you who aren't old enough to remember (I sound old, don't I?), The Spectrum in Philadelphia was an amazing place to watch a game.

Well it could be making a comeback....Sort of.

Sixers president Chris Heck tweeted a photo of a Spectrum-themed court, saying #OnBrand x #NextWeek".

The new floor appears to have the famous Spectrum logo, with the red, orange, green, and blue colors in the logo at half-court and a rendering of the teams old home in the middle. The photo also shows the old 1971 style script lettering the team used on the end line, with the script "Brotherly Love" on the sidelines

"America's Showplace", as the building was called in its heyday, hosted its final Sixers game against Chicago Bulls on March 13, 2009, a 104-101 win for the hometown five.

With the Bulls in town on Wednesday my guess is that they will use the new court that night. They also have a home game on Monday against Portland, maybe they can try to impress Dame Lilliard.

About a month ago, we saw a leak of the teams possible alternate uniforms, which feature a hat tip to the 1971 uniform with art deco-like lettering and the old logo at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, the Sixers' former home. Down the side they are red, orange, green, and blue down colors down the side panel. The jersey looks to be midnight blue with the spectrum colors down the side.

Remembering Events at The Spectrum in Philadelphia

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