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Here is today’s show: Friday, January 10th 2014

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Mike Tyson

Former champion of the world Mike Tyson called in to promote his appearance later this month in Atlantic City. Tyson has a new narrative type play out called 'Undisputed.' It's a show that highlights the life of Mike Tyson and some of the experiences in his roller coaster life. Tyson also talks about his fondest memories of Atlantic City and the times he fought in the boxing town. Tyson also talks about the differences in himself both now and in the past when he had 'demons' to deal with when he was a fighter. It's a can't miss interview! For tickets and more information on his show, contact his website.

NFL Divisional Picks

NFL Playoff QBS

Mike Gill talks about the eight remaining QBS in the NFL Divisional round of the playoffs. Mike Gill talks about the four young gun QBS left in Wilson, Kaep, Luck and Newton and wonders if those are the  next 4 QBS to take over the NFL. Also talks about Phillip Rivers and why he doesn't get the respect he quite deserves based on his numbers. It's because he doesn't have any signature wins.

Top Tweets

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