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 Here is today’s show: Thursday, March 6th 2014

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Kevin Pelton

ESPN.com NBA insider appeared on air to talk about the Sixers season and the 'tankapalooza' road they are heading down. Do the Sixers have enough assets to land a top level free agent in the future? Maybe so says Pelton but anytime soon. They have to hope that one of their lottery picks winds up turning into a stud, then we can talk. Pelton also goes over the philosophies of Sam Hinkie and how it's working out. Follow Pelton on Twitter.


How to Tank

Mike Gill goes over a top 10 list put out by Bill Simmons over at Grantland. Some funny anecdotes in there including a nice rip on Byron Mullens and sitting a player like MCW due to a 'fake injury.' You can hear Mike Gill's commentary on it here and read the full list on Grantland.

Frank Seravalli

Philadelphia Daily News covering the Flyers called in to talk about the hot streak the Flyers are on right now and about their game last night against the Caps. It's turning into a little bit of a rivalry with the new Metro Division layout with these playing multiple times per year. Seravalli said that he knows for a fact that Paul Holmgren checked in multiple times on Ryan Kesler of Vancouver. Seravalli believes that the Flyers could have missed the boat on an opportunity. But with that said, the Eastern Conference is 'as wide open as ever,' according to Seravalli. Follow him on Twitter.

Top Tweets

It's a Thursday edition of top tweets!

5 Questions

1. How concerned are you about Cole Hamels?

2. Jason Dufner leads at Doral. Spring is in the air in Miami, at least… When are we getting out there?

3. Have you watched True Detective yet?

4. Oreo Cookie Day – How do you eat your Oreos?

5. Today is World Book Day. Favorite book?