3 From the Guys

Odubel Herrera's Penalty Box!
Damian Muziani judges the latest in fringe sports news, including an idea to merge Hockey and Baseball, a sports gambler misses out on $2.5M, Lavar Ball vs. Ice Cube, Christiano Ronaldo goes off on a ref, Falcon's head coach's clock is ticking, and Ian Poulter is lost in the woods!
Kirk Sings Falsetto - 3 From the Guys!
Today's Weekend Edition of 3 From the Guys features Damian Muziani riffing about Kirk Cousins singing, Kenan Thompson does a Lavar Ball take, Mike Ditka sticks up for Mitch Trubisky, Zach Randolph's pot arrest, Kyrie Irving not talking to teammates, and Vince McMahon cares for his wrestler…
A Bulging Vermeil! - 3 From the Guys!
Today's 3 From the Guys features an NFL Network reporter who slips up, a spiked football in the groin award, a stray cat precedes a grand slam, Carson Palmer is aging, Dale Earnhardt leaves his truck running for 8 hours, and Mike Trout suits up in Sixers gear!
Watch 3 From the Guys
Today's '3 From the Guys' goes like this - Damian Muziani judges the best and worst of sports news, including Tom Brady turning 40 (and into Chuck Norris), plus Longhorn's new coach has reporter phobia!
3 From the Guys – No Cowboys Fans Allowed!
Damian Muziani breaks down the latest in fringe sports news including a Cowboy's fan trespasser at Eagles camp, a youtube kicker loses his scholarship, A Falcons linebacker relives the Super Bowl every week, the University of Kentucky gives tickets away, Steph Curry channels his inner frat boy,…
3 From the Guys – Pirate Scholarships!
Today's 3 From the Guys features "pirated" scholarship letters, a frisky Marshawn Lynch, Chris Christie's nachos part 2, the NFL Network predicting last years football games, Sergio Garcia marries in his Masters jacket, and Allen Iverson's whereabouts!
3 From the Guys – That’s Not-Cho Governor!
3 From the Guys was LIVE on Location at the Golden Nugget resort in Atlantic City to share stories such as Chris Christie in a baseball fan's face, Steelers rookies forced to shop, Chris Long loves his last name, Steve Bartman gets a World Series ring, Pro golfer finds true love on Tinder, and …
3 From the Guys – Julio Jones’s Heart of the Ocean!
Todays 3 From the Guys features a $100,000 diamond that Julio Jones lost in a lake, Adrian Beltre moves an on-deck circle, Gary Player's unwanted health advice, Jaguar's tweet produces mean memes, Adam Schefter's false alarm walk-off, and the new TV phenom sport known as cornhole!

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