Bo Melton

Bo Melton does it all for Cedar Creek
EGG HARBOR CITY — Bo Melton shrugged off his helmet and shoulder pads Saturday afternoon and strode off the field. Under his jersey he was wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt that had the name "Milza" emblazoned on the back with quarterback Jesse Milza's No. 11. When you'…
Cedar Creek fights off gritty Oakcrest, wins division
EGG HARBOR CITY — The Cedar Creek football team has been tested all year long with perhaps its toughest schedule ever, and on Saturday the Pirates were faced with their final regular-season exam.
The Pirates didn't exactly ace that exam, but, they passed. And that's what counts.
Melton Gets Major Offer
2015 was a great year for the Cedar Creek Pirates football program, wide receiver Ahmir Mitchell decided to take his talents to Michigan, the team won the Non-public II state title and now more good things look to be coming to the Egg Harbor City school for 2016...

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