Brent Celek

Gardner is bigger loss than you think
PHILADELPHIA ( - NFL teams are often like political campaigns in that they can push a narrative in the hopes of drawing your eye away from what's really going on.
The Philadelphia Eagles' identity is supposed to be offense under head coach Chip Kelly but that group hasn't b…
Sam I am....
At this point, the Eagles might want to consider tempering the expectations surrounding Sam Bradford.
Eagles 53-Man Roster Predictions
Chip Kelly's first offseason in charge of NFL Free agency and the draft are both in the books.
There will be tons of new faces on the field this season with 90 men coming to camp, 53 will make the team, 46 will dress on Sundays - he is my first guess of who they will be...
Grayson's Grades: Eagles vs. Steelers
Three preseason games are in the books and the Philadelphia Eagles are 1-2. Wins in the preseason do not amount to much as this time is reserved for evaluating the team and trying to figure out which 53 players will be on the roster in week one.

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