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Grayson's Grades: Eagles at Browns (Preseason)
The Philadelphia Eagles went to Cleveland still looking for their first preseason win and left without it. More importantly, they were trying to find any kind of rhythm with their first-team offense which has lacked any kind of momentum through two preseason games thus far. There remains an APB out …
McMullen: 'Brown Out' in Cleveland
( - Some of the best lawyers in the country often have to defend the indefensible.
Sashi Brown, an attorney by trade, got that opportunity in Cleveland Monday. The problem stems from the fact that Brown was defending his own role as executive vice president of football operations for the …
Wednesday Morning QB: 10 Thoughts on the Eagles’ All-22
PHILADELPHIA ( - Here are my 10 weekly takeaways after watching the All-22 of the Eagles’ impressive season-opening win over the Cleveland Browns:
-Carson Wentz is one of the more pro-ready quarterbacks to enter the NFL in recent years and it has to do with autonomy and in…

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