Haloti Ngata

Grayson's Grades: Eagles at Titans
The Philadelphia Eagles went to the Music City and played out of tune early in the game. Ultimately they started playing the right song but failed to finish it and left with a 26-23 loss to the Tennessee Titans in overtime.
Eagles Sign Ngata to 1-Year Deal
PHILADELPHIA (973espn.com) - It took a little longer than expected but the Eagles locked up their replacement for the departed Beau Allen, signing veteran Pro Bowl talent Haloti Ngata to a 1-year, $3 million deal.
After securing $84 million for Kirk Cousins in Minnesota, agent Mike McCartney still ha…
Eagles Re-Work Ertz’s Deal, Ngata in Town
PHILADELPHIA (973espn.com) - The accounting tricks continue in South Philadelphia as the Eagles created just over $5.4 million in salary-cap space by reworking Zach Ertz's contract.
The star tight end is getting a big check up front for allowing Philadelphia to spread out the cost over the remai…

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