Nate Thompson

Flyers Won’t Take Canadiens Lightly, a January Game is Why
One look at the Penguins shows you the capability of any team in the league. It doesn’t matter where a team ranked in the standings, they are dangerous. The Flyers have to stay focused on their own game and stay motivated. And that’s why the Flyers won’t take this Canadiens team…
Flyers 5: Takeaways from Flyers-Lightning
Consider this win over the Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday everything. The Flyers have the top seed in the Eastern Conference. Who would have imagined that a season ago? Here are 5 takeaways from Flyers-Lightning.
5 Takeaways from Flyers-Bruins
There were players making their playoff debut, recent additions contributing, depth players stepping up in a big way and an overall defensive effort that completely shut down the powerful top line of the Bruins. Here are 5 takeaways from Flyers-Bruins.

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