Stadium Series

"G's" OT Goal Lifts Flyers
For now, it keeps the Flyers in the playoff race when it all looked like the end. It's the biggest win of the season for the Flyers, who for one night, gave nearly 70,000 people a chance to celebrate.
Flyers-Penguins: 2019 Stadium Series Preview
The Flyers and Penguins are ready to take it outside. Lincoln Financial Field serves as the backdrop as the Flyers look to keep any playoff hopes remaining alive in their final game before the all-important trade deadline. 
Stadium Series Preview
Perhaps the fourth time will be the charm. This is not the Flyers first rodeo in an outdoor setting. They have been on this stage three times before, but have yet to get a win.
Hockey in Happy Valley?
Earlier this week, we asked you where outdoor hockey should go next. We got a ton of really great responses, but one that came up a few times was Happy Valley!
Outdoor Hockey: Where to Next?
Turns out hockey going back to its roots is exactly what the NHL needed. In fact, the success of the Winter Classic games (and to some extent the Heritage Classic games) have triggered a rebirth for the NHL, which had been experiencing a decline in interest following lockouts in 2004 - 2005 and 2012…