There is always one moment in a title contender's history they can point to that changed the trajectory of the franchise.

The Milwaukee Bucks rejecting a Steph Curry for Andrew Bogut trade proposal from Golden State.

Drew Bledsoe getting knocked out by Mo Lewis, forcing Tom Brady under center for the Patriots.

The Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA lottery for the rights to draft LeBron James.

While Nick Foles was the quarterback for the Eagles when they defeated New England to win their first ever Super Bowl, it was this draft card in 2016 that opened the championship window.

Carson Wentz is a symbol in a way.

The decision to not only jump up from thirteenth overall to eighth, but then from eighth to second overall was telling.

Playing leapfrog up the draft board to select Wentz showed the Eagles were no longer settling for being just a good team.

Wild card losses weren't going to cut it anymore. The organization was going to become championship or bust.

The move to get Wentz started that.

For six years the franchise tried to get by at QB with the likes of Kevin Kolb, Michael Vick, Nick Foles, and Sam Bradford.

Each player had flashes in Philadelphia (OK maybe not Bradford) but it always felt like they were simply dipping their toes in the waters of obtaining a franchise QB.

Then Chip Kelly was fired from general manager duties and Howie Roseman returned to power.

He dove head first.

Going from an FCS school to just two years later securing home-field advantage for the eventual Super Bowl champions? Then increasing his completion percentage by 9.4% on a fractured back? It wasn't a path many thought was possible.

But the Eagles took the risk. Based on the lucrative contract extension given to Wentz, they believe it has  paid off and it will continue to.

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