With the calendar officially turning to 2024, there are things we all want to do and try that maybe we have been thinking about doing, but haven't gotten around to just yet.

Well, here are five South Jersey restaurant dishes you should try in 2024, as recommended by the food tasting team at NJ.com, who put our their list of the 51 New Jersey dishes you need to try in 2024, which included five from out listening area.

So let's take a look!

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Lets start off in Atlantic City.  Do yourself a favor and take this advice, and try the Rib eye at Morton’s the Steakhouse at Caesars in Atlantic City.

Morton’s the Steakhouse, inside Caesar’s, delivered the goods. Start off with a gigantic loaf of onion bread from acclaimed local bakery Formica, then an app, then that perfectly cooked rib eye, bathing luxuriously in its juices (some serious steak knives here, too).

I have been to Morton's on many occasions, and I can say, if you haven't tried the rib eye here, make 2024 the year that you do.

Morton's Atlantic City
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Staying in Atlantic City, we head to Setaara to try the Silk Road kabob, which features one skewer of chicken and one skewer of Koobideh Kabob.

Setaara in Atlantic cITY
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It’s Atlantic City’s only Afghan restaurant (khosh amadid means welcome in Farsi) and the city’s only French restaurant (bonsoir means good evening). Start with the yogurt with cucumbers, enlivened with mint, then proceed to one of the kabobs (the Silk Road Kabob includes one beef and one chicken skewer).

Leaving the island and the city and head out to Somers Point and check out Taco Tuesday night and try the famous beef tacos at Gregory’s Restaurant & Bar, Somers Point.

Gregory Gregory fought the taco law, and the taco law won. After beefing with Taco Bell over his “Taco Tuesday” trademark throughout the year, the owner of Gregory’s Restaurant & Bar relinquished the trademark this fall. But the 77-year-old bar’s famous Taco Tuesday night is still going strong. It’s a “super-secret recipe,” Gregory jests — hamburger meat, taco seasoning, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes are placed in a hard corn tortilla shell, and served with a small paper cup of salsa.

Gregory's Somers Point
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Down in Cape May County we travel to Cape May for the next dish to try, the Crab cakes at the Cape May Fish Market on Washington Street in Cape May.

The Cape May Fish Market, on the town’s pedestrian-only Washington Street Mall, offers “famous” crab cakes, and by golly, they live up to the name. Lush and lovely, they’re the best I’ve had anywhere Down the Shore in the past five years.

Cape May Fish Market
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Finally, down in Cape May the final dish to try in 2024 is the tuna tartar from Elaine’s Cape May at 513 Lafayette Street in Cape May.

I tried the tuna tartar: Tender fish served with a corn relish and topped with arugula, a refreshing summer treat

Elaine's Cape May
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While those five stood out to the NJ.com food team, there are plenty of restaurants and dishes to try in 2024, let us know which ones you like and let us know which ones you try this year!

Thanks to Peter Genovese, Jeremy Schneider, Lauren Musni, Karim Shamsi-Basha and Stephanie Rizzolo at NJ Advance Media for coming up with this list.


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