The Stark Report for 7.24.15: senior baseball writer Jayson Stark was on for his weekly report regarding the Phillies. This week's report was all about the MLB trade deadline that is just one week away. The Phillies have both Cole Hamels and Johnathan Papelbon on the market, but nothing is imminent for the two. "There are four teams in on Hamels: Cubs, Dodgers, Red Sox and Texas," according to Stark. In the end Stark believes that Hamels should get dealt to one of those four teams, it just depends on if they get a fair return. On Papelbon, however, Stark believes that "the window has closed" on any trade. An interesting anecdote came at the end of the interview where Stark reports that 3 teams could be interested in 2B Chase Utley if all goes well with his rehab and progress coming off the DL.