Heading into the 4th quarter with a 24-13 lead, there was a confident vibe around the Eagles and their ability to close out a win in Buffalo against the 5-1 Bills.

The Eagles have had their fair share of 4th quarter collapses over the years, including multiple double-digit leads blown in the final quarter during the 2018 season.

They have also become known for their signature "close out" drives where Carson Wentz and the offensive line take over.

A 14-play drive kicking off the final quarter put that ability to apply the dagger on full display.

Philadelphia drove 83 yards down the field, with RB Jordan Howard scoring the game's final touchdown to put the win on ice.

They managed to kill an eye-popping 8:17, giving Buffalo their first possession of the quarter with just 6:06 left on the clock.

A dominating drive by the offensive line and Howard in the run game, strong play-calling by Doug Pederson, and crucial third down conversions by Wentz were key.

Wentz converted a 3rd and 5 as well as a 3rd and 10 on the ground.

The second conversion came by Wentz putting his body on the line, taking big hits while diving for the first down marker.

The fourth-year quarterback also found TE Zach Ertz on a 3rd and 7 in the red zone for an 18-yard reception.

Wentz continued to show he is an elite third down QB.

Add a dominating drive in the trenches, and you will find the blue print the Eagles have used in securing wins late.

Maybe the most impressive part was the performance came against yet another top-tier defense.

A similar possession helped the Eagles steal a win in Lambeau against another strong defense in the Green Bay Packers a month ago.

The offense has the ability to put up a lot of points through the air when healthy. They are aggressive, forward-thinking, and have shown they can out-duel the league's best passing attacks over the years.

However, they never seem to be more comfortable and more in a rhythm than when the old school, ground and pound style returns.

It was key in saving the season Sunday.
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