If you are a Philadelphia Sports fan, you have fond memories of going to games with your family members.  I remember my first Phillies game going with my mom and aunt, plus who can forget all of the random Philadelphia Sports hats and shirts I received as gifts over the years.  Being a Philadelphia Sports fan is about community and family at the fundamental level.

At Wednesday Night's Game Three of the National League Divisional Series Phillies home game versus the Atlanta Braves, there was a wonderful family moment.  Shirley Dougherty had not been to a Phillies game in 25 years and she was in attendance with her Grandson, Kristopher.  Thanks to her family, Shirley got to experience in person one of the most electric postseason games in Phillies Franchise History:

Even though Shirley's favorite player, JT Realmuto, was not one of the four Phillies players to hit Home Runs on Wednesday night, the 3-time All-Star Catcher did have 2 Runs Batted In as part of the Philadelphia win.

This is so awesome that they got to document this moment and the family could take their Grandmother to her first Phillies game in 25 years.  It gives me nostalgia as I remember the fun experiences I had with my parents plus my Aunt and my Pop-Pop.  Plus, my Grandmother and Great Aunts bought me all kinds of Phillies shirts and hats when I was a kid.

Hopefully, Shirley and her family will get to be in attendance for another Phillies postseason during Red October!

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Gallery Credit: Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

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