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Here is today’s show: Thursday July 19th, 2012.


Phillies lost yesterday

Mike and Todd open the show today with the Phillies loss yesterday in extra innings.  We played some cuts from Charlie Manuel and Cliff Lee.  Mike Gill says the Phillies playoff hopes are on life support with another heartbreaking loss.  Cliff Lee says that he isn't frustrated and hasn't been all season long.  Do you believe him?  Mike Gill also does a great impression of Major League manager Lou Brown here:


Darren Dreger calls in

The TSN reporter who broke the news of Shea Weber signing an offer sheet with the Flyers called in and talked about it with Mike and Todd.  The biggest revelation from Dreger: "Flyers GM Paul Holmgren and Predators GM David Poile spent all day on the phone yesterday trying to get a trade done, and Holmgren had enough."  Does Dreger think the Flyers are instant Stanley Cup contenders with the acquisition of Weber?  Find out below:


Injury Report

Our resident injury expert Joe DeRosa called in and updated us some  injuries including Reds 1B Joey Votto and Jayson Werth.  Joe DeRosa is a Physical Therapist at Linwood Physical Therapy.


Shea Weber's agent Jarrett Bousquet

The agent for Predators D Shea Weber called in and really gave us the details of the offer sheet his client signed with the Philadelphia Flyers.  Bousquet believes that "Nashville can probably match us, but does it really make sense for them if there may not be hockey next year?"  Listen to Jarrett Bousquet talk with Mike and Todd about Shea Weber's desire to play in Philadelphia:


John Morosi talks Phillies/Hamels

FOX Sports MLB Reporter John Morosi called in and gave us the latest regarding Cole Hamels and a possible contract extension.  The Phillies are currently at 6 years as other outlets have reported, but Morosi wonders if it's still in Hamels best interest to take the offer without testing free agent waters after the season is completed.


Sportsbash Stock Exchange

Sportsbash Stock Exchange is a series of BUY or SELL questions hosted by producer Pete Giordano.  The Stock Exchange is brought you by Linwood Country Club.  Visit their website to learn more about one of South Jersey’s oldest and most-respected private golf clubs!

1. BUY OR SELL the Flyers Cup contenders with the acquisition of Shea Weber?

2. BUY OR SELL 6 years $130-140M enough for Cole Hamels?

3. BUY OR SELL the Olympics shaping up to be a disaster with the weather problems in London?


Flyers Insider Anthony SanFilippo

Inside reporter for PhiladelphiaFlyers.com Anthony SanFilippo called in and talked about the Shea Weber offer-sheet he signed with the Flyers this morning.  Confirming what Bousquet and Dreger told us earlier, Filippo says the Flyers have enough cap space to sign Weber, but they most likely arent done shaking things around.  SanFilippo called the move by Paul Holmgren "genius" and they know the Predators will have a "tough time matching the offer and should just take the draft choices."  SanFilippo is entering his first season as the Flyers Insider for PhiladelphiaFlyers.com.


Top Tweets

It’s a Thursday edition of Top Tweets brought to you by The NEW Mercedes-Benz of Atlantic City.  Visit their website and drive home in a luxury car tomorrow!


Football Fix

It’s 5:30 and time for the football fix.  Mike Gill and Ryan Messick debate all story-lines heading into training camp.  We will reveal a position per day leading up to training camp which is just one week away.  Today we take a look at the Quarterbacks:

5 Questions

1. Who would you rather have: Weber/Doan or Parise/Suter?

2. Was it smart for Mike Vick to say Eagles can "develop a dynasty?"

3. Will you read Mike Vick's auto-biography?

4. Do you like new rule for commissioners being able to fire University coaches in an emergency?

5. Sticking with pick of Greg Owen to win The Open Championship?


Pete Giordano is the producer of “The Sportsbash,” e-mail him: 973espn@gmail.com

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