Kimmo Timonen won't admit it – not yet, anyway – that there's still a burning desire for him to finally win a Stanley Cup.

He's played 1,092 NHL games, another 87 in the playoffs, played in five Olympics and been named an All-Star four times.

"I want to come back and hopefully play a game and leave this game with my skates on," Timonen said Thursday night after the announcement that he could resume his career even though he still has a blood clot in his right calf. "That's probably the biggest thing."

Be that as it may, he's still racing the sand in the hourglass to a certain extent. Friday was the first time he skated in about nine months and he figures he'll need a couple weeks before he's in game shape again.

That leaves about two weeks before the NHL's March 2 trade deadline. The Flyers have already been facilitating in agreeing to allow Timonen to return even though he needs to be on blood thinners on non-gamedays. They would also probably not complain about trading Timonen to a contender if it means getting a draft pick in return.

The 2015 NHL draft is considered one of the deepest drafts in a while and the Flyers have their own first-round pick, no second-round pick and the San Jose Sharks' third-round pick.

Timonen has a $2 million base salary and another $1.5 million in bonuses (based on games played) that can be deferred to next season's cap.

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