As the Thanksgiving arrives, we all tend to eat early then we do on a normal Thursday.

Generally, people eat between 6 and 7 p.m., when people get home from work.

However, on the Thanksgiving holiday, that changes. So what time do most people from New Jersey eat on Thanksgiving?

To find out The Loupe surveyed Americans across the nation to map out how people spend their Thanksgiving.

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So in New Jersey, most people eat between 2-4 p.m., which would be considered "mid-afternoon", which is the overwhelming majority—32 states also eat between that time.

As far as who is at the table?  In New Jersey 59% of people have extended family and friends over as opposed to just their immediate family.

It seems that 46% keep it classy at a long dining table, 22% are going buffet-style, and a laid-back 18% are mixing chairs and couches in the living room. Pass the remote, please!

That would make sense in New Jersey, and older, Northeastern state that is built around traditions and family. Many people who grew up in the area, still live in the area.

Here are some more key points from the study:

The survey revealed New Jersey residents are:

  • Having Thanksgiving at Family member's home. Americans nationwide are split if they’ll be hosting Thanksgiving or if they’ll head to a family member’s home.

  • Residents in New Jersey cook Thanksgiving Thanksgiving morning. The majority of Americans are cooking Thanksgiving morning; just 8 states stated that they’ll cook throughout the day.

  • They invite Extended family/friends to their meal. Nationwide, Americans are split; half welcome everyone from extended family to close friends, while the other half invites just their immediate families.

Football is also a big part of the Thanksgiving holiday with a few high school football games still be played.  Atlantic City and Holy Spirit will meet for the 95th time in Atlantic City, while Millville will face off with Vineland in one of the oldest Thanksgiving games in the county at Millville’s Wheaton Field in the 152nd edition of the game.

Enjoy the games and oh, the sides!  Which sides are favorites for people?

Stuffing takes the trophy with 32%, while mashed potatoes earn a respectable second place at 25%.

So there ya have it, food, family and football.  Thanksgiving as it all.

To read more about the study, click here.

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