Have you sat in the worst seat inside Citizen Bank Park?

The website Bookies.com analyzed the seating arrangements of all 30 MLB parks, including Citizens Bank Park, and determined the worst seat in each stadium.

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They used an algorithm that took into account these six categories:

  • View obstruction from the seat
  • Distance from home plate
  • Plate/seat angle
  • Exposure to sun, rain, and weather elements
  • Proximity to concessions and restrooms
  • Overall comfort

So by that algorithm, the worst seat in baseball is at Fenway Park, section 1, Row 1, Seat 1 in the right-field grandstand.

So what's the worst seat in Philadelphia at Citizens Bank Park?

That would be section 306, Row 21, Seat 13, which is a $20 ticket.

Have you ever sat in this seat?  If so, congratulations, you've sat in the worst seat at Citizens Bank Park.

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