When the UFC announced the fight card for UFC 200 many fans noticed that Conor McGregor would not be defending his 145 lbs belt versus number one contender Frankie Edgar.  Instead McGregor will rematch Nate Diaz while Edgar will rematch Jose Aldo for the Interm UFC Featherweight Belt on the line.

ESPN MMA Reporter Brett Okamoto explained to Rich Quinones Friday why Edgar is not fighting the champion:

"You got fighters who are willing to trash talk and they get certain opportunities. Then you have other fighters who let their performances speak for themselves and unfortunately this sport is based around tickets you can sell and Pay-Per-Views that you can sell so sometimes those guys get overlooked a little bit. Frankie Edgar is a guy who has been given millions of opportunities to trash talk and he doesn't do and that's a credit to him. He's basically stayed true to himself and true to his values and that's just not something he is interested in. But that also means that he's not always the first guy the UFC is look towards when they are looking to build a massive event like UFC 200. So I think that hurts Frankie Edgar in a sense, but its also because how unique Conor McGregor is."

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