Everyday at 5:45 we play “Five Questions” where Pat Gallen asks Mike Gill five questions that are on his mind.  Sports, Pop Culture, Food and more, you never know what questions Pat might ask.

Here are today’s questions:

1. Do the Sixers deserve an all star?

Mike Gill's Answer: Not really, they don't have an offensive star and they don't have a player who is very popular with fans around the NBA.  The Sixers All-star has been defense and their bench.

2. Iverson is going to play in Puerto Rico.  Should he just give it up?

Mike Gill's Answer: He's making 20,00 per month, plus his expenses, would you give it up?  On a side note, yes, he should give it up, its a real sad story.  He should be still helping a team off-the-bench in the NBA now.

3. Jose Reyes cut his hair and is selling it on ebay for charity. First time he cut it since 2008 I believe. If you were a Marlins fan would you buy his hair. I guess if you were a Mets fan you could buy it and burn it for leaving.

Mike Gill's Answer: Yes, glad he cut it off, much like I was glad Jimmy Rollins cut his off.

4. Who would win in a fight – Eli Manning or Tim Tebow?

Mike Gill's Answer: No questions, Tebow.

5. Feb 7 is Fettuccine alfredo day –what is your favorite pasta dish?

Mike Gill's Answer: Baked Ziti


What are your answer to today's "5 Questions"?  Leave your answers below!