Even making Chase Daniel the league's highest-paid backup, Eagles coach Doug Pederson insisted Sam Bradford remains on top of the depth chart, confirming that Daniel has been signed as a backup.

"Talking about the quarterback situation going forward," Pederson explained. "Sam Bradford is the No. 1 [quarterback], Chase Daniel is the No. 2 [quarterback] and we’re working on the No. 3 [quarterback]. So I just want to put that out there right now going forward."

It was reported by  NFL Network's Albert Breer that Sam Bradford would have to fend off Daniel for the Eagles' starting job, giving him every chance to win the starting position - but Pederson tried to put that to rest during his opening remarks.

"Offensively, Chase Daniel, quarterback, who’s coming in as a backup right now," Pederson stated. "He’s coming in as the No. 2"

But did he leave the door open?

By saying right now, you have to wonder if Daniel has a better camp and preseason than Bradford, would Pederson go with "his guy" over the incumbent selection of Chip Kelly?

He did list one advantage that Daniel has over Bradford and said he didn't see any drop-off between the two quarterbacks.

“I don’t think there’s necessarily a drop-off as much as there is that what Sam has proven here over the course of last season and what he has done with this football team," said Pederson.  "I don’t think there is a drop-off. The one thing that Chase has maybe over Sam is his understanding of the terminology in the offense that I’m bringing to Philadelphia."

While Pederson seems to be going out of his way to list Bradford as the No. 1 guy, he was asked about the possibility of dealing Bradford before his March 18th, $22 million bonus kicks in.  The Eagles have signed Bradford, but have yet to pay him any of his bonus money.

“Sam is our No. 1," The coach said. "We’re not entertaining any offers. Sam is our No. 1.”

Should be an interesting training camp.