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Tuesday, January 8th 2013.

BCS National Championship

Mike and Todd open up today's show talking about last nights 42-14 Alabama had over Notre Dame. Mike Gill says the Irish didn't deserve to be ranked # 1 even if they had an undefeated record. Todd Ranck says thats the "nature of the BCS beast."

Lovie Smith

News came out, which the Eagles later confirmed that they will interview former Bears head coach Lovie Smith on Thursday. Todd Ranck likes the move because of his defensive mind. Mike Gill on the other hand isn't in love with the move, but thinks the Eagles could do worse.

Ruben Amaro

Phillies GM Ruben Amaro called in at 3:15 to talk about the off season and upcoming Spring Training. On Chase Utley: He's been taking ground balls all off season long and some trainers will be checking on him in the coming weeks to see where he is at. Amaro also said that the "likelihood of another move happening before Spring Training is fairly low." Amaro also said that the age of this team doesn't concern me as much as the health of the team." Phillies Spring Training tickets go on sale this Thursday.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY or SELL Amaro's outfield comments moments ago?

2. BUY or SELL Nick Saban and no "unfinished business in the NFL?"

3. BUY or SELL Eagles drafting Luke Joeckel?

4. BUY or SELL the Eagles coaching candidate list?

Matt Gelb

Matt Gelb, Philadelphia Inquirer, called in to talk about his comments he received from Phillies GM Ruben Amaro. Amaro was on earlier today and he echoed many of the things he said to Gelb in this article. Gelb believes that Amaro is pretty much finished with any additions and this is your roster going towards Opening Day. About Chase Utley: Gelb wants to wait until we actually see Chase Utley on the field. Follow Gelb on Twitter.

Jeff Dickerson

Chicago Bears beat reporter for ESPN 1000 called in to give us an up close and personal view for Lovie Smith, who will be in Philadelphia on Thursday for an interview. Dickerson said Smith is a pretty good coach and not many other candidates out there have a track record like Lovie Smith does. Dickerson said that Smith just haven't found himself the right offensive coordinator to work with him. Smith had the results, but his relationship with the fans and media was "rocky at best." Follow Dickerson on Twitter.

Top Tweets

It's a Tuesday edition of top tweets!

Jeff McLane

From the Philadelphia Inquirer called in at 5:30 to talk about the latest developments in the Eagles coaching search. McLane said he'd be surprised if Lovie Smith was hired just because the Eagles are known to be after an offensive minded coach. McLane also said the the Eagles are now on Plan B and have to move on now that Chip Kelly and Bill O'Brien have chosen to remain in college. Follow McLane on

5 Questions

1. Willa 4-team playoff stop the BCS blowouts?

2. Ly Bryzgalov cracking jokes, good or bad sign?

3. Jay Gruden told the Bengals website he plans to interview for head coaching vacancies but intends to return… Would you still interview him?

4.  How long do you expect it to take the Eagles to find their next head coach now?

5. Today is Argyle day. Do you have any argyle in the wardrobe?

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