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Friday February 8th 2013.

Chip Kelly Finalizes Staff

New head coach Chip Kelly has finally made his coaching staff hires official with a press conference scheduled for Monday afternoon. Most of the names reported were accurate with a few additions. Listen to Mike and Todd break down the hires below and read more about the hire here.

Injury Report

Joe DeRosa our injury expert breaks down the latest injuries surrounding the world of Philadelphia sports. Jason Richardson and Thaddeus Young are featured:


Another edition of #askmikeandtodd

Flyers Lose in a Shootout

Mike and Todd talk about the Flyers losing in a shootout last night to the Florida Panthers. Both Mike and Todd (and I think every fan) hate the shootout idea and were trying to think of ways to change the system. Statistically, the Flyers are the worst team in the shootout dating back to 2005-2006. Would a ten minute OT period work and then followed by a shootout be better? Mike and Todd discussed that and more in this segment.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY your best hire and sell your worst hire on the Eagles coaching staff?

2. BUY or SELL it being fair to judge Chip Kelly on his coaching hires?

3. BUY or SELL envying New England or NYC with their snow coming this weekend?

Mike Vick

Here, Mike Gill talks about the possibility of Mike Vick returning to the Eagles next season and plays a few audio cuts to help his cause including Brian Dawkins and Chris Mortensen. What chance do you give Mike Vick to returning to the Eagles next season?

Top Tweets

It's a Friday edition of top tweets!

Sal Pal

With Mike Gill playing audio of Sal Pal on ESPN Radio talking about Mike Vick, I was able to get Sal Pal to call in and say these things on our air. Sal Pal said that Vick doesn't have many options out there and his best option could be to stick around in Philly with a pay cut. Kelly and Howie Roseman have their work cut out for them and 2014 could be the make or break year for Chip Kelly, and Vick is not a long term quarterback and he is not part of the future here.

5 Questions

1. Should players have input on where they play?

2. Do you care about the Paterno issued report?

3. Eagles new coaching staff?

4. What do you think of naming winter storms?

5. What's your favorite girl scout cookie?

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