Fried chicken is one of the great American comfort foods. I was surprised to learn that fried chicken is not a native American way of preparing chicken but was originally conceived in Scotland.

Well, thank goodness the Scottish people let us know about it.

Where are the Best Places in South Jersey to Get Delicious Fried Chicken?

This question was posted on the radio station's social media and fried chicken lovin' listeners from around South Jersey responded in kind with their favorite spots.

How did We Compile This List of the 10 Most Amazing Fried Chicken Places in South Jersey?

This list covers most of the independent mom & pop stores and restaurants suggested by our listeners. I realized while putting this list together that many South Jersey eateries serve chicken wings, but not nearly as many serve fried chicken. That doesn't count for this list.

Why Were Some of the Suggestions for Good South Jersey Fried Chicken Places Not Included?

The only places I chose not to include on this list are fried chicken chains or regional or national businesses that sell fried chicken. I'm not passing judgment on these businesses or their fried chicken, but if you can buy their chicken outside of South Jersey they are not included on this list.

If your favorite place to buy fried chicken is a supermarket or a combination gas station/fried chicken place, enjoy it. But, it's not uniquely South Jersey.

Are All of These Delicious South Jersey Fried Chicken Places Restaurants?

No, they are not. Some are take-out only or deli's and most don't focus on selling just fried chicken. But all of these choices do make and sell their own fried chicken and it is most excellent!

Let's take a look at a photo gallery of the 10 Most Amazing Fried Chicken Places in South Jersey.

10 Most Amazing Fried Chicken Places in South Jersey

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