According to Jim Salisbury of, the Phillies have signed Jonathan Papelbon to a deal to become the new closer of the Philadelphia Phillies. The deal is done, pending a physical. Salisbury says it’s four years, $50 million.

This ends the Ryan Madson era in Philadelphia, the place he has been since 2004.

OPINION: Can’t say I’m a huge fan of this deal. Would I be a huge fan of the Madson deal at 4/$44m? Probably not, but more than the Papelbon contract. I’m just not a fan of giving guys who throw three outs at a time double-digit millions per season. As you see all around baseball, new closers pop up everywhere. Ryan Madson did that this past year.

I would lean toward keeping Madson at four-years, $44 million because he’s homegrown talent and I think you can deal with that a little bit more. You could see keeping your own guy for a hefty deal. But to go outside of the organization and spend this kind of money and throw that many years at a guy on the other side of 30, to me, is not the best allocation of funds, no matter if it's Madson or Papelbon.

I think the Phillies have to now shy away from Cuddyer, bring back Rollins, and fill out the rest of the roster with cheap pieces. Papelbon is a hell of a closer – I don’t want to take anything away from him because I do think the fans will enjoy what he brings to the table, just as much as they did Madson – but this is awfully hefty for a guy who sees little time on the field. But once again, Ruben Amaro sinks his teeth into a guy and gets him. It's been his mantra and again he has not shied away from being proactive and getting his man.