That post-Thanksgiving transition right into Christmas always happens faster than you can say, "bah humbug."

Throughout this month of equal parts uplifting cheer and debilitating stress, we spend most of the time decorating, working, and finishing up that last minute gift shopping.  And when the big day comes, we're sure to forget all about our diet and goals, which we'll eventually just set as our next New Year's resolutions anyway.

Over on our other sites we have some helpful tips on breaking that cycle and staying in shape while the stockings are hung with care, but it's always useful to get an extra push from technology.

These four apps will help you keep those Christmas pounds off, and can be used in tandem with VirtuaFIT, a personalized ten week training program ran by Virtua Health Center that's tailored to your diet and current physical condition to get the best possible results.

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    MyFitnessPal is an Under Armour-branded app that tracks users' diet and exercise progression, calculating their optimal caloric intake to help lose weight and then maintain.

    They also have a food database that maps out products' nutritional facts to help users get a sense of what they're eating and how it factors into their diet.

    The app can be integrated with other apps and third party devices to make tracking weight loss as convenient as it should be.

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    Couch to 5k

    Couch to 5k makes running a marathon an achievable goal in just two months.  They advertise that their program of one 30 minute session a day, three days a week, for nine weeks will help runners that are looking to reach distance goals.

    The app uses race training tools like workout logs, interactive coaches, and GPS distance mapping to aid users in improving their health through the power of forward motion.

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    Strava is a performance analytics intensive app designed for the fitness buff who's a little more obsessive than other workout warriors.

    According to the company, their app turns iPhones and Androids into "sophisticated running and cycling computers," meaning the company focuses a lot on data. The app measures your performance and visualizes it into detailed tables and graphs, allowing you to get a good look at your fitness stats with fine-toothed comb.

    The meticulous nature of the data can be off-putting to people who workout leisurely, but they have a social network and clubs that help you connect with others, allowing you to learn the app and benefit alongside someone else, if you wish.

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    Sleep Cycle

    While not expressly a workout app, the holidays have been proven to hamper our quality of sleep.

    Sleep Cycle tracks bedtime-related stats like when you fall asleep, when you wake up, and when exactly, throughout your sleep, you're transitioning through its different stages.

    Using its thirty minute wake-up phase, Sleep Cycle gradually tracks your movements throughout your final moments of rest, and wakes you at the peak time when your sleep's at its lightest.  This leaves users feeling well rested and refreshed, rather than the grogginess that comes with waking out of the deeper stages of sleep.

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