With the NFL trade deadline looming,  you can be sure the Eagles general manager Howie Roseman is working the phones.

Regardless of the teams dominant win on Sunday in Detroit,  the team will look to move veteran players for the right offers, adding more draft capital to their disposal, if those deals are available to them.

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So which players are most likely to be moved?

Here are the Top 5 Eagles that could be moved by the deadline.

1. Andre Dillard: The third year left tackle and former first-round pick is maybe the most likely player to be moved. Plenty of teams around the league need offensive line help, and Dillard getting a chance to showcase himself while Jordan Mailata was out helped put him back on teams radar.

Chicago Bears v Philadelphia Eagles
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From ESPN'S Jeremy Fowler:

It wouldn't be a shock to see an AFC North team call Philly about offensive tackle Andre Dillard, who is considered to be on the block. Browns and Ravens have had depth issues there.

2. Eric Wilson: The linebacker is seeing his snaps decrease the past few weeks and with a plethora of players at this position,  someone at this position is likely to be moved and Wilson is at the top of the list. Wilson is decent in coverage,  but struggles big time against the run. If there is a team looking to add a coverage linebacker,  the Eagles could offer Wilson,  who is on a one-year deal.

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From Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated:

 The Eagles have a couple of linebackers, Eric Wilson and Alex Singleton, who’ve made starts this year who could be had.

3. Steve Nelson: Nelson has been solid, but not spectacular and is on a one-year deal. While it there is currently no smoke surrounding the veterans name, his contract status would make him a prime trade candidate. Moving Nelson would presumably clear the way for some playing time for fourth-round pick Zech McPherson.

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4. Derek Barnett: The former first-round pick has been a disappointment. He is known more for 15-yard penalties than he is getting to the quarterback during his tenure with the team. While every now and then he shows flashes, those moments seem to be few and far between.

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From Vinny Iyer at Sporting News:

The Eagles' second entry is another first-rounder, an older one from the 2017 draft they are bound to let walk in pending free agency given his sack-less 2021 season. Barnett has dropped off badly in the new non-wide nine scheme after having six sacks and playing well all-around in 2020. He could benefit from joining a better-tailored 4-3 team.

5. Ryan Kerrigan: The Washington Football Teams all-time leader in sacks,  has registered one tackle and no sacks so far this season. He has been poorly used and any contending team looking for a veteran pass rusher could likely add Kerrigan at a cheap price. It's hard to tell if Kerrigan has reached the end of the line or is just being misused by Jonathan Gannon.

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Other names to keep an eye on:

Fletcher Cox

As Ian Rapopport reported on Sunday, teams have been calling about Cox, seeing if the team would be willing to move him for a discounted price.

Teams have been contacting the Eagles about Cox, figuring they could take a run at him to see if they could get him for a mid- to late-round pick. On the heels of Cox airing grievances about the defense, teams have reacted. Cox is one of the core veterans GM Howie Roseman wants around, so he's unlikely to part with him for anything less than a high pick.

The Eagles have plenty of other veteran names that cold be had, some of which are more difficult, due to their contract situation.

Both Cox and Lane Johnson have tough contracts to move, Miles Sanders and Brandon Brooks are both currently hurt. Anthony Harris, who is one a one-year deal is a possibility. Darius Slay is a veteran on a big contract, but the team would likely listen to calls for his services if they came.

Thw NFL trade deadline is on Tuesday at 4 p.m.

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