Don't get caught without these necessities on July 8th!

Atlantic City's Insane Inflatable 5K is right around the corner, and in preparation, we came up with a list of items you'd be sorry not have with you.

  • Craig Barhorst/Thinkstock


    Having a few bills will come in handy just in case you encounter a cash-only vendor after your run!

  • Ferli Achirulli

    Water Bottle

    July heat + running outside = water is a MUST!

  • 3


    Always a must. You will need to verify your identification for registration before the run commences.

  • blyjak

    Comfy Shoes and Clothing

    If you're not comfortable, you will not have a good time. Bring on the wild outfits, but make sure it's actually something you can move in!

  • travnikovstudio

    Sun Protection

    Bring those caps, sunglasses, and drench yourself in sunscreen to prevent burning up during your 5K experience!

  • CaronB

    Hair Ties and Head Bands

    No one wants to have their hair in their face or sticking to them while they're running. Make sure to bring these along with you to prevent this annoying problem.

  • Cipariss

    Change of Clothes

    This 5K has quite an after-party, so you might want to bring some clothes to change into so you're feeling refreshed while celebrating your run!