Let's clear the air here, I am not a runner. The thing that entices me about a 5K is the ability to dress up in something fun. Add that to the fact that Insane Inflatable is filled with huge inflatable obstacles that are reminiscent of bouncy castles, I'm in.

While I may have a couple of months to prepare my perfect outfit, I need to start browsing the internet for ideas. Thank goodness for Pinterest. If you're looking for coordinating fun outfits for you and your friends, I have the perfect pieces for you.

  • 1

    Sweatband Headbands

    A 100% necessity for a 5K.

  • 2

    Sweatband Wristbands

    Clearly, you need to match your headbands with a set of wristbands. These come in a variety of colors and patterns.

  • 3

    Superhero Cape and Mask Sets

    Superhero costumes have become a huge thing at 5Ks. you could totally decorate these with a theme for your team.

  • 4


    I do appreciate how the title of these tutus include racing.

  • 5

    Fairy Wings

    If you get tired and enough people believe maybe you'll be able to fly like Tinker Bell.

  • 6

    Tube Socks

    These will help you perform at a higher level right?

  • 7

    Nylon Shorts

    Personally, I think you need these in lime green.

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