Ali Fedotowsky is a former contestant on the ABC show ‘The Bachelor’ and was also ‘The Bachelorette’ for season six of the popular reality dating show. Ali is back in the headlines after splitting with ‘Bachelorette’ winner Roberto Martinez. Ali is our crush today because we think she deserves more than being just another name on the long list of reality dating casualties.

As much as we are crushing on Ali we have to ask her, and anyone else that participates on or watches reality dating shows, if they really expect things to work out? There might be a better chance at success if, instead of whisking contestants away to tropical islands and exotic locales, reality shows took place in real life. How about the contestants on ‘The Bachelor’ follow him during a regular day — to his boring job, the gym, the grocery store for the same five items he buys every week, home to watch sports, surf for pornography and fall asleep on the couch naked. If a woman wants to stick around after all that excitement she is truly in love.

On the flip side, the men should follow the ‘The Bachelorette’ around to get pedicures, listen in on their phone calls with friends and family and then accompany the young lady on a gynecologist visit. It would be the first time in TV history all the contestants on a reality show eliminated themselves on the first day of shooting.

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