Heading into action on Wednesday Night, the 76ers have a record of 18-29 this season which puts them on pace to triple their win total of ten from last season.  The impact of Joel Embiid on and off the court has changed the mentality of this team; they believe they can win any game they head into this season.  With the debut of 2016 NBA Draft Number One Overall Pick Ben Simmons expected by the end of February and a plethora of Salary Cap Space, the Sixers could head into this offseason looking to build around Simmons and Embiid to make a run at the playoffs next season.

NBA Writer Derek Bodner joined Mike Gill on Wednesday to discuss if the Sixers are ready to move up the timetable on their rebuild:

"I think one thing we have learned about Embiid is hes capable of making this team relevant quicker then any of us would have expected.  And when you have a talent of that magnitude, he's not showing potential he is showing dominance....First of all you can make yourself a destination in Free Agency which is really tough to do but (Sixers) have Salary Cap space to do so.  But then you are looking for complimentary pieces and it is not all that difficult then to go out and get the Ilyasovas of the world who can compliment Simmonds (and) Embiid....I think you have enough at your disposal in terms of cap space, in terms of (draft) picks, and you've gotten enough from a guy like Embiid where you can say 'If we get a guy like (Jimmy) Butler and make the right moves, we're talking about playoffs easily next year' and then we are talking something real then in two years.  I think you can move that time line forward."

Checkout what Bodner had to say about the men behind The Process in Philadelphia along with who could be moved before the NBA Trade Deadline

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