The Atlantic Blackjacks had a successful first season, but it might not be enough to bring them back for 2020.

According to a report from the Albany Times union, the Arena Football League is suspending operations and might be gone for good.

The Times Union has reported that due to a lawsuit from a former insurance company, the AFL will be closing its six local markets and reevaluating the future of the league.

Per a report in the Times Union:

A multi-million dollar lawsuit filed against the league by an insurance carrier that provided workers compensation coverage between 2009 and 2012 — before the current administration was involved — has caused the AFL to reevaluate its business model.

Randall Boe, who took over as commissioner before the start of the 2018 season, confirmed the report when reached by phone, and said the league will fight as long as it can, but it doesn't sound good.

"All of us are going to keep playing until time runs out. No one’s quitting yet. I can’t tell you that I think the odds are good, but no one is quitting. You play until the final gun goes off, and that’s what we’re going to do. If we can come up with a way to keep the league going that makes sense for everyone, then we would do that.”

When reached via text by Pete Thompson from 97.3 ESPN, Ron Jaworski, Chairman of the Executive Committee for the AFL said:

"The AFL is working on restructuring. I hope we can save it."

You can read the full details HERE.

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