Next man up is the old saying.  The Eagles know that saying well, it was that next man up mentality that helped them win their first ever Super Bowl last season.

But early on in the 2018 season, they have needed that same next man up mentality, including Sunday in Tampa. This time it was running back Corey Clement stepping in for Jay Ajayi with 11 touches for 85 combined yards and a touchdown.

Clement’s 2018 debut saw him with just five carries for 26 yards in the Eagles' Week 1 win over the Falcons, but NBC Philadelphia Eagles pre and post-game analyst Barrett Brooks says the Eagles need to expand his role.

"They need to get him the ball more," Brooks explained. "He’s an amazing player and he needs to go out there and showcase his talent. They need to make special packages for him. They need to make sure he gets the ball because when he’s out there good things are happening. I mean, you name it, he can do it. So yes, he’s gotta play more. He’s gotta play more. He’s gotta play more. We have to get Corey Clement the ball, get it in his hands. He can influence games, man, he’s that good.”

When asked on Tuesday about Clement's amount of touches in the offense, Eagles offensive coordinator Mike Groh didn't agree with that its been lower than anticipated.

"Corey is going to be a very important and critical member of our offense as the season goes on," Groh explained. "Whether it's 30 percent or it's 50 percent or whatever that number is, we're getting good production out of Corey right now."

The Eagles have been using Clement in a limited role, typically in short yardage situations, and late in games when he is fresh and the defense is worn down.

“Clement is a special player," Brooks said.

"I am not saying that Ajayi isn’t, but Clement is a special player. Clement can do everything, running between the tackles, running outside and catch. He needs more reps."

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