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Thursday January 24th 2013.

Manti Te'o

Mike and Todd talk about the Manti Te'o interview that aired this afternoon with Katie Couric. We also played some voice mails that were released by Couric that were left on Te'o's phone. The voice on the other end is a male's voice and it was Roniah Tuiasosopo You can listen to those voice mails here.

Barry Melrose

Barry Melrose who on ESPN the other night said that the one team that's in trouble early is the Flyers. He mentioned the play of Ilya Bryzgalov, albeit not bad, Melrose said that when team has injuries and is struggling on power play thats when you need your goalie to "shut the door."

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY or SELL Manti Te'o off the hook with what came out today?

2. BUY and SELL your favorite Harbaugh?

Top Tweets

A Thursday edition of top tweets!

Darrelle Revis

Would you trade the Eagles No.4 overall pick to the Jets for Revis? Mike Gill isn't quite sure he would. Revis is definitely on the trade block and is likely to be moved if the right offer comes their way. Gill compares it a little bit to the Nnammdi Asomugha signing. A few callers call in here and give their opinions.

5 Questions

1. Should Jrue Holiday be an All-Star?

2. Will the Flyers win tonight?

3. Will the Flyers make any panic moves?

4. Is Mike Kafka the next Tom Brady?

5. Favorite type of peanut butter?

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