Barstool Sports Social Media Influencer Frank 'The Tank' Fleming was back in South Jersey, rating hot dogs for his his 'Raw Dogging with Tank' feature, this time at Chico & Sons in Northfield.

Earlier this week, he rated the hot dogs down in North Wildwood at Maui's Dog House.

This time he made a stop at Chico & Sons, which is located at 1620 Tilton Road and has been in Northfield for six years.

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Its an interesting stop for Fleming with Chico & Sons being known more for their subs, pizza, and cheesesteaks, but he rated the hot dogs on this visit.

Fleming commented that the hot dog reminded him of a grilled hot dog that would be made in someone's backyard, commenting that the hot dog is rated as a "solid triple" on his scale which goes up to a home run.

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He also tried the foot long hot dog and just like at Maui's Dog House, he was a fan of the bun to dog ratio, with the hot dog sticking out each end of the roll and gave the hot dog a Home Run rating, which is also what he gave the foot long in North Wildwood.

"It just clears the fence," Fleming said. "Raise the Apple. Fleming is a huge New York Mets fan, making reference to the Big Apple that raises when the Mets hit a home run at Citi Field. "Good char marks," Fleming added about the foot long.

As for the chili dog, he commented on how you could smell how spicy it was. "This is a different type of Chili, this isn't your traditional chili, Fleming said. "Very peppery, very spicy, got a nice kick to it."

"This is a ground rule double," says Fleming. Hit the warning track, one bounce over the fence."

Check out the hot dog at Chico & Sons and let us know what you think.

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