Sixers point guard Ben Simmons is always a polarizing figure among Sixers fans, but he is having an incredible impact on what is the beat team so far in the Eastern Conference.

In addition to hist game-changing defense, Simmons is having an amazing impact on the teams offense this season even though his scoring average is down. This season Simmons is averaging a career-low in points per game (13.5), field-goal percentage (54%), and field-goal attempts per game (9.7).

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However one area where he is excelled this season and that is setting up others.

While SImmons has always been one of the best at handing out assists, this season the difference with him on and off the floor has been one of the biggest differences in the NBA.

When Simmons is on the floor, the Sixers are the second-best 3-point shooting team in the NBA, connecting on 40.7% of his triples.  When he is off-the-floor, the Sixers are the worst 3-point shooting team in the league, hitting just 29%.

Even if he isn't scoring, Simmons is a highly valuable player for the Sixers.

One key that we have discussed on the Sports Bash is, as long as the others around Simmons connect, and continue to score, that lessens the need for Simmons to score.

In the past, the Sixers needed Simmons to score because their three-point shooting was among the worst in the NBA. Now Simmons is setting players up with open looks, and they have held up their end of the bargain knocking them down.

The Sixers added more three-point shooting with Seth Curry and Danny Green, plus Shake Milton has added to his game, helping to take some of the scoring burden off of Simmons.

Sure Simmons lack of shooting frustrates many, but the looks he gives for others, makes them better players.  If Simmons isn't on the floor, or on the roster, are guys like Curry, Green and Milton as effective?

Not likely.

We all want to see "aggressive" Ben Simmons, but if the others around him do their job, this version of Simmons is good enough to help the Sixers win a title.

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