The City of Cape May is not just one of the oldest communities in New Jersey but also one of the oldest vacation destinations in the United States.

Since the 1700s, residents from the Philadelphia area have traveled to the Cape May Islands and treated an area that was originally a fishing spot and converted into  as a resort destination.

In the 1830s there was an expansion of infrastructure on the main Cape Island, which opened the metaphorical doors to attract more visitors from big cities such as Baltimore and New York City.  Even politicians from Washington, DC including United States Presidents such as Franklin Pierce, Benjamin Harrison, Ulysses Grant, and Chester Arthur spent vacation time in Cape May.

Today, Cape May is popular with South Jersey locals and vacationers to experience a great blend of historical and modern decorum.  Having survived multiple major storms over the last 100 years, the Cape May Point Lighthouse is still a popular attraction as part of the Cape May Point State Park.  The State Park features Recreational Walking Trail, Bird Observation Areas, and Picnic spots adjacent to the Lighthouse.

The Cape May Convention Hall hosts different concerts and events every summer with the Promenade walk running adjacent to the hall along Beach Avenue.  Also, Cape May is famous for the Bed and Breakfast properties that add to the town's nostalgia.

Aside from the great history of the Cape Islands, one of the biggest attractions for the town is the plethora of eating options available in the City of Cape May.  Here's a list of some of the best restaurant and dining options you can find in Cape May:

25 of the Top Rated Restaurants in Cape May, New Jersey

Whether you are visiting for a weekend getaway vacation or a day trip to check out the Washington Street Mall, there are many eating options in Cape May for you to check out. We have organized the best restaurants in Cape May based on Google Reviews and Google Analytics so you can find out what is popular before your next visit to New Jersey's southernmost town

Gallery Credit: Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

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