With the Sixers making it official that they will be retaining head coach Brett Brown for the 2019-2020 season, the focus now shifts to Elton Brand the the very important off-season.

Rumors are already flying around about what the team should and might do, a Ben Simmons for LeBron James trade has been floated by NBC Sports NBA Insider Tom Haberstroh.

“I think they very well might explore that,” said a rival executive of Philadelphia.


Chris Broussard of FOX Sports suggested at Chris Paul for Simmons Swap.

"Daryl Morey needs to get on the phone and call Philadelphia and offer Chris Paul for Ben Simmons," Broussard said as a guest of the Colin Cowherd Show.

But the best possible scenario for the Sixers would be stability.  Bringing back the band, and running it back again with Jimmy Butler, Tobias Harris and J.J. Redick one more time.  The team pushed a veteran Raptors team to a game-seven, needing a historic shot to knock-out a Sixer team that was less-than-perfect in many areas.  They lacked chemistry, experience and remove Joel Embiid's ill-timed illness, and the Sixers may be preparing for Milwaukee and not the offseason.

Now with Brett Brown firmly back in the mix, he hopes the team can become motivated by the way the season ended, much like the Spurs he once helped coach did, fueling them to come back for a full season to make another run.

"I lived a life where Ray Allen hit a shot to take away another NBA Championship, and the response was, they (the Spurs) came back and doubled-down and won it," Sixers head coach Brett Brown explained.

"When I see that ball hanging on the rim..that deflation, that moment, I think has a chance to be incredibly powerful."

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