For the Patriots, Super Bowl 52 is the franchise's Tenth appearance in the big game while it is Eagles' Third appearance in their franchise history.  In the 21st Century the Patriots have Eight Super Bowl appearances while this is only the Eagles Second Appearance over the last 18 years.  But Philadelphia does have players with Super Bowl rings on their roster including Chris Long, Torrey Smith, LeGarrett Blount, Malcolm Jenkins, and Dannell Ellerbe.  Also Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson was Brett Favre's backup when the Packers made back Super Bowl appearances while Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich was a member of the Buffalo Bills teams that made four consecutive Super Bowl appearances.

Member of the Steelers Super Bowl XL Championship Team and NBC Sports Philadelphia Eagles Analyst Barrett Brooks joined The Sports Bash on Monday discussing the value for Eagles having guys with Super Bowl experience on this team:

“They have a coach who was part of a Super Bowl (winning team) so they don’t have the legacy that Tom Brady has or the Patriots have but what they do (have) the guy that’s in charge has been there before, done that before - That there holds a lot of credence when it comes to them going out there and understanding what it (means) to be in a Super Bowl.  You have guys who are fresh off a Super Bowl out there, Chris Long and (LeGarrette) Blount….All those things will bode well for them because those are all guys that people listen to on that team, the most influential people on this team have (won) Super Bowls and if you look at it, all those guys are directly effecting how these younger guys are handling the situation there and how the team is handling the situation of being here.”

Checkout what Brooks had to say about the Super Bowl as a player, how Eagles defense matches up with Patriots offense, and more

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