Everyone hates it when they are in an area with poor cell signal. Whether you are trying to make a phone call, send a text message, or use social media, there is nothing worse than getting a "Failed to Send" message or just seeing the continuous spinning symbol on your smartphone screen.

For some South Jersey residents, there is a real struggle when it comes to their cellular service provider.  Despite the advertising campaigns of companies such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile claiming "Nationwide coverage, there are still areas with poor signal coverage.

You can be driving down Route 47 or Route 50 and your phone call connected to the Bluetooth in your vehicle will get choppy or drop.  This is because there are pockets of poor cellular service in areas of Cape May County.

Areas Of Limited Cell Service In Cape May County

This is the reality that I saw people expressing their frustrations about in the "Dennis Township Community Info" Facebook Group.  What started as a simple Facebook question about T-Mobile evolved into many comments about people's experiences with different cellular carriers.

There is limited cell service in Dennis Township
Screenshot from Dennis Township Community Info Facebook Group

Some research about cell signal coverage in South Jersey led me to check the FCC data that was gathered by the website CoverageMap.  A comparison of AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile signal coverage information confirmed what many people in the Facebook Group have complained about:

Dennis Township residents frustrated with cell phone service
Screenshot from Dennis Township Community Info Facebook Group

No matter what cellular service provider you have, the signal is either poor or completely dead in certain areas. Comparing the signal coverage for the three major cellular companies, there is a point when driving west of County Route 550 (also known as Woodbine Road) that when you get closer to Belleplain State Park and the Cape May County border, the signal continues to get worse.

What Areas In South Jersey Have Poor Cell Signal

But this isn't the only area with limited cellular service.  Along Dennisville-Petersburg Road between Woodbine and Petersburg has some serious pockets for poor cell signal coverage. The same is true with Court House-South Dennis Road (County Road 657) for parts of the drive between Route 47 in Dennis Township and Route 9 in Cape May Court House.

Those are just areas that impact the residents of Dennis Township, there are several areas in South Jersey with poor cellular service. A couple of examples include Atlantic County Route 559 (Somers Point Road) near Riverbend Park, plus Millville Avenue between Mays Landing and Milmay.

The commonality between these areas of poor cell signal is that they are more rural compared to the rest of South Jersey. They are a good distance away from the Shore Towns and major suburban communities on the mainland.

So either you need to have WiFi calling setup on while you are at home or you need to move away from these dead areas of South Jersey.  Now if you think some of those roads with the poor cellular service have some interesting names, check out these eccentric road names around Southern New Jersey:

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