We know that the New Jersey beaches are a popular destination for vacationers every summer and the city of Cape May has been one of the top vacation spots for decades. Cape May has been the host city for vacationers for over 250 years, but does that mean the southernmost city in New Jersey is still popular in today's world dominated by social media?

Everyone uses social media in their daily life and it has become the new measurement of "Popularity".  Australian "Travel Blogger" Jackson Groves has spent the last seven years traveling the world and has accumulated an impressive social media following, so he decided to review the popularity on social media for all of the Beaches in the United States.  He used two measurements for social media popularity: Relevant Hashtags and Hashtags per meter (Number of Hashtags divided by the length of that beach).

The Cape May Beach landed at 22nd overall on the list of Most Popular Beaches in the USA 2023, which seems low until you look at the numbers more closely. There were only 37,975 relevant hashtags for the Cape May Beaches, which is the second-fewest of any beach on the list. But Cape May is tied for the fifth shortest beach length in meters so they are at 11.87 Hashtags per Meter, landing Cape May ahead of Destin Beach in Florida, Galveston Beach in Texas, and Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

One New Jersey beach ahead of Cape May in the social media popularity rankings: Asbury Park landed at 17th on the list with 71,092 Relevant Hashtags and has 60 more hashtags per meter compared to Cape May. But just because Asbury Park is more "popular" than Cape May, does that really make it better?  We all know that some restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and pizzerias may be more "popular" than our favorites but we understand that we get better services and better quality from those places than the "more popular" spots.

Considering the city of Philadelphia landed at 17th in the Relevant Hashtag rankings, maybe Cape May Beach is in good company because both cities could argue they are being "disrespected". There's no way that Portland, Oregon is better than Philadelphia and I have a lot of questions for anyone who thinks Rockaway Beach, New York is a better destination than Cape May.

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