Chris Pronger hasn't given up on the possibility of playing hockey again.  However, Pronger is 38 years old, hasn't played since Nov. 19, 2011.

"I miss the blood sweat and tears that takes to win hockey games," Pronger told Todd Ranck on the Sports Bash Warm-up today.  "The excitement you get on the ice."

There hasn't been a lot of excitement for Pronger lately, he has struggled with diminished peripheral vision and has had difficulty doing activities that raise his heart rate.

(Listen to Todd Ranck's interview with former Flyers captain Chris Pronger)

Pronger comes with an annual cap hit of $4,935,714 and because he signed it over the age of 35, he'll stay on the Flyers' books if he retires. However, if he doesn't retire, the Flyers can get around his cap hit by keeping him on the long-term injured reserve list.

As for retiring, Pronger says:  "I don't think we are there yet."

However, as Pronger eluded to, he can't run or anything that he has to move his body fast, riding a bike he gets symptoms and that sixth sense you have of knowing where people are around you, I had a good one, I don't have that anymore.

So how will this all end for Pronger who is slated to be with the team until he is 42 years old.

"We all want to go out on high note," Pronger admitted.  "But that rarely happens, I dont know if this is end, time will tell"