Governor  Chris Christie was back in the national comedy spotlight talking about superstorm Sandy, Bruce Springsteen and President Obama with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central's Daily Show.

Governor Christie on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Governor Christie on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)

Christie and Stewart, at opposite ends of the political spectrum, agreed on the fact they want to see New Jersey come back from Sandy and want a hug from Bruce Springsteen. Christie said he got a "slow dance" hug from Springsteen back stage at the NBC fundraising concert, who told him they were now friends.

Christie talked his post-storm tours of the shore and his shock at the destruction, saying it wasn't just “millionaire homes on the beach” that were destroyed but the homes of working class people.

Stewart talked about the irony of Christie bashing the President on the campaign trail in the days before Sandy struck New Jersey and then praising him in the days after the storm. "It tells me people have different skill sets at different times," said Christie to laughs from Stewart and his audience.

"He wasn't a leader until you needed leadership," cracked Stewart, suggesting that he may have to set up his own political party because he is "too nice" to the President.

The tone turned serious when Stewart noted that the same day Christie was in Washington looking for money for New Jersey he vetoed the health exchange program for New Jersey that is part of of Obamacare. Stewart joked that maybe Obama would throw some more money towards New Jersey if Christie approved the measure.

Christie says the President understands there are "all kinds of different kinds of  issues" and that they will agree on and others that they won't. Christie later explained that he vetoed the measure because he can't get an answer about how much the state exchange will cost.

Stewart asked about how Christie can justify vetoing the measure based on cost but yet wants a billions in relief for New Jersey  without knowing exactly how much he needs.

“If you have cancer and you don’t have health insurance, that’s Hurricane Sandy," said Stewart. Christie countered that people will still have health care, just not from a state-run exchange.

Stewart said that the GOP, if they don't need something, see things like health insurance as an "entitlement." Christie said he is representing all people, Democrats and Republicans in helping New Jersey get back on its feet from Sandy.

Stewart, a Lawrenceville native, ended the interview by suggesting the two go to Delorenzo's restaurant in the Bridesburg section of Trenton and solve the world's problems over a tomato pie.

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